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Missing in Action: One Pilfered Anisette Photo

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We snapped a pic of this old photo on the host stand at Anisette the day the Santa Monica brasserie opened. We love the composition, the way it came out, so we used on the site several times. Not claiming complete responsibility, but now we feel guilty: Anisette, the mascot, we're told, is missing. Someone stole her. Who would do such a thing? Drunk girl after one too many glasses of Chablis at the bar? President of the Alain Giraud fan club? Some weird obsessive who takes an item from every new restaurant in town---a Craft spoon, a Father's Office glass, a Providence candle---to fill his shrine to the city's dining scene? Whoever took Anisette, please return her. Moules frites just aren't the same without a mascot.
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