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Renu Nakorn Reopens

Newly reopened, remodeled Renu Nakorn, the Norwalk Thai restaurant that competes only with Lotus of Siam in Vegas for 'best Thai food in America,' has had J. Gold's heart since the 80s. "If you’ve ever visited Renu Nakorn or Lotus of Siam, the menu will look familiar, if more profusely illustrated. There is the usual list of appetizers (go straight for the crispy rice salad) and Isaan barbecue — Renu Nakorn popularized sau rong hai, a grilled-beef dish whose fragrance is legendarily delicious enough, and whose dipping sauce is fiery enough, to make a tiger cry...I am especially fond of the plar dook yang num tok, a salad made with chopped grilled catfish, toasted rice powder, lime juice and chile — roll some sticky rice into a ball, scoop up a bit of catfish, and sigh." [LAW]

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