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Eater Inside: The Foundry on Melrose

When Eric Greenspan opened The Foundry on Melrose a year ago, we never really gave it the Inside treatment it deserved, so here we are. There've been some changes and additions since then: The lounge was expanded in front, a late Sunday brunch was added, DJ nights, and a new Thursday night live jazz/absinthe thing just started---"burning sugar cubes and summoning green fairies and the whole nine." There's a kick-ass bar menu (lobster gratin, short rib grilled cheese) and late-night hours (lounge open till 2am weekends), which attracts a lot of resto industry folk. Now that warm nights have returned, the top came off the back patio; in front, people sit along street tables with a stand-up base and pumpin' piano pouring out of the open windows. Smashing. More, previously.