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EaterWire: Free LA Mill Coffee, New Pasadena Brasserie?, Top Chef: The Tour, and MORE

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We'll take all your EaterWire gossip, conjecture and/or facts right here, please.

SILVER LAKE: For all you people who bitch and moan that a coffee costs too much at LA Mill, the coffee boutique will give out free coffee all day on June 24 (7am-10pm). The coffee will be from Rawanda's Bufcafe Mill, which LA Mill owner Craig Min says is "among the richest, most flavorful coffee to be found in the world." [EaterWire]

PASADENA: A reader rumors that the Smith brothers will close Crocodile Cafe on Lake Avenue to make way for a new brasserie concept. While the other Smith restaurants are always packed---Arroyo Chophouse and Parkway Grill on Arroyo, Smitty's just a stone's throw from Crocodile, Vibrato---the cafe hasn't looked so busy lately. And if there's one thing the Dena needs, it's to jump on the brasserie trend. Still awaiting confirmation on this, but we're putting our vote in for "yes, please!" [EaterWire Inbox]

TEAM USA: Grub Street reports that America's yet-to-be-chosen representatives in the Bocuse d'Or competition will be coached by Roland Henin: "Henin is the executive chef of Delaware North Park Services, the company that handles concessions in most national parks. He has also coached at the Culinary Olympics in Germany and is one of the few master chefs certified by the American Culinary Federation ... he’s been a mentor not only to Keller, but also chefs as diverse as David Burke and Emeril Lagasse." [GS via Eater NY]

LOS ANGELES: Just when you thought Top Chef couldn't go beyond Top Chef Junior, in strolls Top Chef: The Tour: "The promotional tour will feature a customized traveling Top Chef 18-wheeler semi-truck and will offer Bravo's passionate fans and cable affiliate partners with the unique opportunity to experience the hit series in their hometowns." Meaning cheftestants, cooking demos, TV spots, the works. Be warned: this monstrosity rolls into town on August 8. [EaterWire Inbox]

Lamill Coffee Boutique

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