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Dining Deals

Need to save money but still want to dine out? Go to Dolce! Or so says ABC 7 in this piece they ran last night on bargain nights at Dolce, Bella, Ketchup (all three, they fail to mention, owned by Dolce Group) and Citizen Smith, which sounds extremely similar to a post we did a couple weeks ago. But if they did just a little more foot work, they would've found good restaurants also offer deals: Lucques' Sunday suppers ($40 per person), Angeli Caffe Thursday family-style nights ($30 per person), Josie's farmer's market prix-fixe Wednesdays or no corkage Mondays, Jiraffe's Monday Bistro Nights ($35 per person) hell, even The Stand's $1 hot dog Mondays. There are plenty more out there; feel free to line 'em up in comments. [ABC7/ELA]