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The Dish: SugarFish by Nozawa Soft Opens

SugarFISH by Sushi Nozawa opened softly in the Waterside shopping center in Marina del Rey yesterday. This is Kazunori Nozawa's---yes, the one many refer to as the "sushi nazi"---first foray into branding. SugarFISH is a toned-down, simplified version of Nozawa: "Trust Me" or tasting menus only, tip and tax included, no modifications, limited but based on that day's product so it will change, no sushi chefs or show up front. The menus range from $20 to $40, but there are specials that can be added on, plus beer and sake. The space is cute and stylish in a Pinkberry sort of way. Wait, did we say Pinkberry? Yes. That's the idea: SugarFISH might just be the next Pinkberry, at least that's what the owners and investors hope. Because it's in soft-open phase, the hours are fluctuating through the rest of the week (no lunch tomorrow but dinner; closed Saturday; open all day Sunday) but come Monday, it's full steam ahead. Some of the media preview and previous Plywood.