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Nothing Screams "Special Moment" Like Sharing It With Rocco and the TV Masses

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Not to be outdone by similar cooking shows on TLC and the Food Network, A&E is looking for Los Angeles-area guinea pigs people for Rocco DiSpirito's new show, Rocco to the Rescue!:

"Invite Rocco into your kitchen, and he will teach you what to cook, where to find the ingredients and how to prepare the ideal meal for your extra special occasion. Are you planning a big announcement? Do you have a personal 'hero' you wish to thank? Are you celebrating a major life event? A soldier's homecoming or a reunion? Want to reveal your dramatic weight loss? Do you need to impress someone or tell someone that you're sorry?"
It won't be nearly as exciting as the beautiful trainwreck that was The Restaurant, but he has a face for TV. Just remember to stock the freezer with Bertolli frozen pasta dinners and don't ask if he's "had any work done." To apply, email with your name, age, phone number, a recent photo and the reason you need to cook with Rocco or call the casting hotline: 818.752.5559.
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