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The Music of Padma Lakshmi

The Top Chef Chicago season finally comes to a close tonight on Bravo (reunion show!), so allow us this one last indulgence (until, of course, next season is announced hopefully with some LA cheftestants). We want to hate hostess with the mostess Padma Lakshmi for many reasons---she looks like this, eats like that, throws cool house parties---but we actually kind of love her. Here Pads picks five songs for KCRW's Guest DJ series and it's, well, hot. Not because she veers from Summer Breeze to Zeppelin with a little Indian classical music and Little Feat thrown in, but her talking to "Chocolate City" DJ Garth Trinidad (one of the sexiest voices out there) about Sexual Healing---"It’s when the body and the spirit is actually able to relax, and just uncurl your fingers and toes and all your tentacles metaphorically and spiritually and physically; and I think that’s what these kinds of songs do, they lubricate that process"---it's sex in a speaker, folks. Caliente.
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