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VegasWire: Behind-the-Scenes at the Wynn

We haven't checked in with the VegasWire for awhile, so expect a report about some of the haps from The Strip tomorrow. Until then, have you ever been in the bowels of one of those giant resorts? When we were at the Bon Appetit Uncork'd event last month, we tagged along on a special, quite possibly one-time-only VIP tour of the Wynn Resort to see behind the scenes, meet the chefs, ooh and aah and maybe even eat a fresh langoustine or two. Some facts: The Wynn staff cafeteria is nicer than most resort buffets; we could die happy bloggers in the bread bakery; and although it just seems so, so wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with eating oysters and drinking Champagne with Daniel Boulud overlooking the golf course. One might think it's difficult to impress BA editor in chief Barbara Fairchild, but not really (see final photo). They know what they're doing, what can we say.
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