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Hell's Kitchen: Almost to LA's New "Celebrity" Chef

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The only reason, in our mind, to watch Hell's Kitchen at all this season is to see who wins the title of executive sous senior chef to the new Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood hotel. (It's truly amazing the announcer and Ramsay say over and over it's for the "executive chef" position. At that point, did the contestants know that was false?) Not because we'll be eating there every night once this person's name is announced---it's not Stephanie Izzard or anything---but because we feel this impacts the LA dining scene. This chef will, for at least a year, be recognized as a Los Angeles chef. Here's some hilarious footage of the young Christina sending a hot pan to the pass that scorched the hell out of Ramsay's hand (better than his balls, we suppose), but what an amateur move. From these four, we have the chef who will "run" Gordon Ramsay in West Hollywood? The staff must be waiting with bated breath.
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