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Eater Inside: Frida at Americana at Brand

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Well here we have Frida, the Mexican restaurant that anchors a showcase corner at the Rick Carusofied Americana at Brand in Glendale. This is the fourth outpost for the restaurant---the original sits on Beverly Drive in Bev Hills, one in San Diego, and a smaller taqueria in the Brentwood Country Mart---and it's by far the largest and, to some degree, most Vegasized. High ceilings, hand-blown glass tiles, custom-made light fixtures and a mural that was painted in Mexico and shipped in pieces show they really spared no expense. It's not as homey as the original, but there are some similar attributes, plus here there's a ginormous patio. Lots of ceviche, tostadas, sopas, tacos and the like on the menu, more than 30 tequilas and some mezcal for the drinking. The latter comes in handy to deal with the Americana crowds. Previous Frida coverage, more Americana.

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