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Top Chef Reunion Recap

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Last night's Top Chef Chicago reunion show was exactly what these shows always are: Not really exciting, you can't remember who half the people were, there are a few funny outtakes (the Kiwi wrapped in plastic wrap and Richard's love of Dale's nipples come to mind), and you find out that most of the dramz from the season was pretty much all manufactured. But we did learn Antonia's nickname through the whole season: The Black Hammer because so many of the chefs kicked off each week came from her team. Look for the dish on her next special menu. TC winner Stephanie also won fan favorite and another $10k, Colicchio scolded the group for foul language ("not in interviews"), and this year's T-shirt is twitchy Andrew's "I Have a Culinary Boner." And....scene.[~ELA~]

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