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Froyo Wars Cont.: Yogurt Stop Infiltrates WeHo Vortex, Red Mango Doles Out Free Swag

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: A few tipsters report that new froyo shop signage has been spotted in the middle of the WeHo vortex on SMB near San Vicente. The Yogurt Shop---what's with that silhouette?---is "pump your own" because self-serve is all the rage these days. At least the newbies no longer opt for variations on the fruit-berry-color names to differentiate themselves from Pinkberry. What we don't know is what this location was before, and if it really thinks it can take on the Swirlers. Yogurtpia didn't have much luck. [EaterWire Inbox]

SANTA MONICA: If you feel like battling a swarm of kids ready to hit the sand and the parents trying to wrangle them, Red Mango on Main Street "celebrates Summer" this Saturday with the offer of free swag: The first 150 customers will get a beach bag, frisbee, beach ball, "and more." Doors open at 12pm. It doesn't say you have to buy the yogurt, but it would be nice if that was free, too. (3101 Main Street at Marine Street). [EaterWire Inbox]

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