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More Larchmont News: Donuts Coming, Sam's Bagels Stays, Antique Shop Needs a Restaurant

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Now that Crumbs won the hearts and tummies of Larchmontians with free cupcakes, we hear another sugary outlet will be coming soon: The Larchmont Business Association approved a donut shop called Hole Foods (that will never fly with Mackey's lackeys) to take the former hardware store space. "Pathetic when you consider we don't even have a real bakery yet," says our tipster. Actually, you'll be getting a Le Pain Quotidien in the La Luna space, a good bakery even if its a chain. Another reader tells us Melissa Levinson Antiques is being converted to hold a restaurant and two "James Beard winning chefs" have looked at it, but no one's leased it yet. "It's about as Larchmont as it gets: Quaint, homey, and plenty of outdoor seating in the front and rear." And after her morning bagel at Sam's, Eating L.A. finds out that the bagel shop received some sort of historical status and renewed their lease for another year, so it isn't closing afterall.
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