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Eater StarWatch: DeVito at BLT Steak, The Hills at Kumo, Diddy at Madeo, Stefani Clan at Buddha's Belly and MORE

You spot them, we out them. Send all your StarWatches right here, please. "StarWatch" in the subject line helps.

KUMO: Oh, yes, The Hills filming season is in full swing. After our Jian sighting last week, we have Lauren Conrad, Lo Bosworth, and Audrina Patridge were all at the Melrose restaurant on Wednesday night, we're told, celebrating Lo’s graduation this week. "They arrived with two other friends, and then later in the evening, were also joined by Stephanie Pratt – Spencer Pratt’s sister – who arrived with a bouquet of flowers for Lo. They made a toast for Lo with glasses of Champagne and had sushi rolls for dinner." [StarWatch Inbox]

BLT STEAK: After a mini love/hate Eater LA tirade, a tipster sends this: "Thursday night (6/12) I was sitting one table away from the Little Miss Sunshine star herself, Abigail Breslin, and two tables away from Danny Devito....try to guess who's taller!" [StarWatch Inbox]

ITA CHO: A reader saw and spoke with Lucy Liu at the Beverly Boulevard resto last week (6/14) and could only come up with one word: "Gorgeous." [StarWatch Inbox]

MADEO: Music night at Medeo: Sean "Diddy" Combs and Kim Porter were dining a few tables away from Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne in Beverly Hills. [E! Online]

ROCKSUGAR: On opening night, Fantastic Chris Evans, SATC's Evan Handler and Mean Girls hottie Jonathan Bennett spotted at the new Century City resto. [E! Online]

HANA SUSHI: Cuba Gooding Jr. eating sushi with two friends in Brentwood. t Hana Sushi in Brentwood. "He was abnormally excited about going to Q's (the pool bar next door). Oh wait, it was beer pong night." [Defamer]

MEL's DINER: Having dinner on the Sunset Strip last week, Broadway's Kristin Chenoweth. "She looked adorable as ever." [Defamer]

TOWER BAR: Singer Sheryl Crow spotted dining with friends at the Sunset Tower Hotel restaurant. [E! Online]

BUDDHA'S BELLY: Looking great without all the cake makeup, Gwen Stefani and family (including her dad) having dinner (6/19). [Defamer]

ZEN ZOO: The Pirv, Jeremy Piven "looking very chubby" at the Vine Street location. [Defamer]