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Eater Deathwatch: Hadaka Sushi

Oh, yes. It's back. We didn't forget the Deathwatch, and now it almost seems overkill in this bad economy, but if there was ever a reason to bring it back into the spotlight it's this real estate listing for a West Hollywood restaurant with a newsstand and parking lot attached. Compare photos in the listing with the website, and it's clearly Hadaka Sushi, the "sexy sushi" shitshow that never really had a chance, Deathwatched July 2007. Maybe it was too gimmicky---eating sushi off of naked models, using real booze and not soju in the Spit & Swallow cocktail, and discounts galore failed to attract customers---maybe it's the location, maybe it was the food. Most likely all of the above. Current status: It outlasted our two-month prediction, the website is still intact, still on OpenTable, and the phone is connected but no answer. All signs point to open, or at least look like it's still open, but not for long.
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