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BakeryWatch: Back Door Activity in Silver Lake

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Place was gutted in February, shortly after shuttering; Fiercekitten, Flickr

SILVER LAKE: A reader queries: "Hey, I drove by what used to be Back Door Bakery today and noticed the door open, with people walking in and out. When I peered inside, I saw lots of construction type stuff happening. Any news?" Please recall that the Back Door shuttered after a tussle with the landlord around the same time LA Mill opened, and the bakery owners promised to reopen somewhere soon. We don't have specifics yet, but we did find some permits filed with the city on upgrades to "existing bakery," which may or may not mean another bakery will open in that location. And knowing how much neighbors either loathed or lurved the Back Door, that could be promising news. That's all we have for now, but any details are welcome in the tip line.
· Shutter Report: The Backdoor Bakery Closes Its Doors [~ELA~]

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