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Isla's Identity Crisis

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The Metromix nightlife editor is having a difficult time trying to figure out what Isla, the new "cantina" with a retractable roof in the former Tangerine space on Susnet and Holloway, is going for: "As you can see from the Romanesque columns on the cantina's exterior, Isla is having a bit of an identity crisis. It's more baffling inside, as if someone in Russia, whose only experience with Mexican culture was through glossy catalogs, designed a theme restaurant at an airport. Picture it: polished black tables and matching high-back chairs, standing gold ashtrays, black tile floor... None of it is very "Mexican" expect for the yellow sponge-painted walls." Even more baffling: The $220 to $750 for bottle service. Um, perdón? Bottle service? [Metromix; Isla, previously]