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Eater Poll: Do All Beachside Restaurants Suck?

Geoffrey's: Known more for the view than the food

We're on the Pacific Ocean so we're expected to have have a slew of beachside restaurants, right? Last week a Hound searched for a place that has a view of the beach with one caveat: The food must be good. But as in most cities, restaurants with views suck in the food department because they can---people will pack in to see the waves or sand no matter what. It's all turn and burn, tourist havens, shitshows, whatever you want to call them. The last time we were at Geoffrey's, the food was laughable. We've never taken the menu at Paradise Cove seriously (but love the peanuts!). Merill Schindler came up the usual suspects that have food and views, places he deems "worthy," for Zagat, but are they really worthy? Let's take a poll: Using Zagat's list with a few additions, which restaurant with beach and/or ocean views has the most edible food? Comments are welcome.