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Eater Inside: RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen

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You can say it's just another overly conceptualized mall restaurant, but the RockSugar buzz just won't die. The huge space feels a little Vegas-y, like one of those ginormous resort restaurants that make you feel like you're not in Vegas; except at RockSugar, unless you're sitting on the patio overlooking the Westfield Mall entrance, you might feel like you're in Vegas. The menu was created by New York chef Mohan Ismail (Spice Market, Tabla, Blue Hill), with specialties from Thailand, Singapore, Malayasia, India and Vietnam. From a preview we surmised it might be a little toned down for those used to eating in the ethnic spots around LA, but not bad. Huge portions, all served family-style; everything comes out when it's ready so expect a feeding frenzy. There's a large bar and a patio lounge for people who will undoubtedly wait for a table. It is owned by the Cheesecake Factory after all: There will be lines. Previous coverage here.

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