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The Dish: Falafel Express, Lime Café, Tofu Villa

With a couple big debut weeks behind us and a few ahead, let's turn to some under-the-radar openings around town. Got something to report for The Dish? Right this way.

DOWNTOWN: The weekday only (for now) Falafel Express opened in the Historic Core last week. Expect the basics: falafel, shawarma, kabob, salads, hummus and dips, and its Glatt Kosher. Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm only. (433 S Spring St, Los Angeles, 213.489.2999) [Angelenic]

DOWNTOWN: Still getting its bearings together is Lime Cafe, a fresh/organic Mexican cafe/gallery that offers cocktails (soju margarita, anyone?) and a limited menu. Bonus points for staying open until midnight Tue-Sun. (118 W. 5th St., 310.383.4578) [Downtown News]

WEST LA: This one is a few weeks old, but Tofu Villa opened on Sawtelle in a mini mall a few doors from Beard Papa. The Korean restaurant has a limited menu of bi bim bop and even serves tangy froyo. Opening day, they gave the food away for free, so they're really trying to win some business. (2130 Sawtelle, 310.477.8987) [Chowhound]

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