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Eater Inside: Kitchen 24

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Here we have Kitchen 24, a stylized contemporary diner that opened on the Cahuenga Corridor a few weeks ago, owned by a motley crew of Hollywoodites (some from Cinespace, some from Bella, Beso, etc.). Chef David Rosenberger updated classic diner favorites for the menu, breakfast and lunch are served 24/7; dinner until 2am. There's booze, too, with a long list of fresh-fruit specialty cocktails, even some spiked milkshakes and such. At night, a DJ. Getting a 24-hour restaurant off the ground isn't easy (see: The Waffle), and reviews were harsh in the beginning, but now kind of mixed. It's surrounded by bars in the heart of Hollywood, so there's a good chance it won't be empty, maybe even in the wee hours. More pre-coverage here.