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Breaking 'Buckswire

Looks like we're just weeks away from the new Starbucks "secret drink." This just in from a reader: "Just got a drink at the Starbucks next to Bob's Big Boy in Burbank, they had this spanking new machine on the counter that looked kind of like a frozen yogurt machine. The barista told me it was going to be a 'drinkable sorbet.' Does that make sense? Is this the new treat from Italy you've been posting about? She didn't know the flavors but since there are two valves she assumed it was like the machine that dispenses the base for the fraps, one cream based, one coffee based, that they would then add other flavors to, but that was just a guess. She also said it launches July 14th and only a handful of stores will have it in LA." Well, if the Starbucks Frappuccino can be born in LA, so can the next not-really-Italian-but-will-probably-have-an-Italian-name frozen drink. [EaterWire Inbox]