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Eater Hospice: Revisiting Red Pearl Kitchen

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We don't have much intel or any confirmation, but there's a slim chance this real estate listing is for the Red Pearl Kitchen on Melrose. Patio? Check. Corner location? Check. Capacity 330? Yep. Seemingly empty every time we drive by looking for street parking spot for Mozza? Always. Last year we gave RPK until Thanksgiving, but our estimations aren't quite what they used to be. A new chef and menu generated a little buzz in October, but we think that NYC chef high-tailed it out of here (probably just consulted). People are still going, but board reviews just aren't good. With a lackluster economy, better options in the neighborhood, and the Goodell's shuttering at leas one other RPK in SoCal, this one was destined to be on the market within the year. Estimated time of death: Soon. Very, very soon.
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