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Knitting Factory Knot

The Knitting Factory opened in a rundown section of Hollywood several years ago, and now that it's getting spiffy around there, the club might lose it's CUP license. In a letter from the KF: "After eight years in a crime riddled Hollywood corridor, the LADBS and vice state that our venue is a 'nuisance' and we do not comply under 'upscale restaurant guidelines' (nonsense, food is always served and continues service and will someone please define 'upscale' for me). They are also trying to say we do a steady stream of Erotica here, which is absurd, as we’ve only had 3 Adult Entertainment parties over 8 years and 10,000 shows. Bar owners beware; the city is on a major crack down for what they deem CUP violations." There's a public hearing on July 17 at 10am (200 N. Spring St, room 1020) for those who want to help support the Factory---or not. [Metblogs LA]