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Plywood Report: Suzpree, Lemongrass, Unnamed Spot on Abbot Kinney, Le Saint Amour and MORE

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MID-CITY/GROVE: It might not be opening until spring 2009, but here we have recent snaps of work-in-progress at Suzpree, Suzanne Tracht and Preech Narkthong's new pan-Asian street food concept on Beverly near the Grove. [PLYWOOD]

MID-CITY/GROVE: Now that the vegan bakery Babycakes NYC will open its first LA outpost in a former tire shop on Beverly and Gardner instead of the corner location at Beverly and Spaulding, the latter space was available. For what, we don't know, but there is work afoot. Anyone with details, feel free to drop in the tipline. [PLYWOOD]

CULVER CITY: Last year, Bruno and Florence Herve-Commereuc, founders of Café Angelique downtown, were going to open Le Saint Amour in West Hollywood, but that didn't work out. They found a home for the French brasserie on Culver Boulevard and hope to open this August. Florence says they'll have beer and wine, and will open for lunch and dinner six days a week. [PLYWOOD]

VENICE: A juicy tip from a reader: "Was ambling down the A-K last night checking out all the usual bars/restaus to have a mellow post-dindin cocktail when I came upon an open door on the eastside of the street south of Abbot’s Habit. Music from a newly installed sound system was being tested in an unlit, very swank new restaurant interior (dark, warm but modern woods from floor, dinner tables, bar, wall and even ceiling). Curious bee I am, I walked in and asked the person behind the bar, what’s this? He flipped on the lights and I got the deets: yet to be named, but projected late July opening, American Cal cuisine w/ steaks, seafood, onsite pizza oven, not part of any restau group. There was an outdoor rock garden atrium for dining in the back I could see. Looks like this place has potential to be a cool lil hangout for us venetians who are tired of the same old haunts. Five on this place giving Hal’s a good run for the local bourgeois’ money." Names, please. [PLYWOOD]

ECHO PARK: A new Lemongrass Vietnamese spot is planned for a minimall on Sunset Boulevard, directly across from the A-Grocery Warehouse Vietnamese market, according to Eating L.A.. Signage is similar to the Lemongrass in Eagle Rock, so it's safe to deduce these are the same owners. [PLYWOOD]

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