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Valet Fears Realized, Or "What Did You Do to My Car?!!"

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It's the stuff of nightmares: You drive to a bar or restaurant, and there's little choice but to valet so you hand off your keys and don't give it another thought. When you're ready to leave, you hand the stub to the valet, pay the $8 and continue to chat with your friends. A few seconds pass and you notice that the valet hasn't left. He nervously looks at the other attendant until one finally says, "There's been a problem." Immediately, you think, "Fuck. Stolen." But no. They walk you to the parking lot, your stomach tightens, your heart drops, you expect the worst, and the worst has happened: The front end of your shiny new Beemer is smashed in because one of the valet drivers "lost control" of another vehicle and smashed into yours. This is (albeit our exaggerated version) what happened at Edison downtown the other night.

Even though the valet ticket stub says "we are not responsible for damage, theft, etc.," the Edison manager tells us the valet company (Ocean Valet Service) said they will take full responsibility for the accident. (They also had the car towed and had cabs come for the guests whose cars were involved, fwiw.) We should hope. Now, this is LA; valet is a necessary evil. There must be some good valet nightmares story out there. We'll take those in comments.
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