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Possible Spoiler: Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen Chef

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We haven't been watching Hell's Kitchen as much as we should be this season, and by "should be" we mean because the winner this season will get a sous chef position at the new Gordon Ramsay at the London Hotel in West Hollywood (it was widely advertised as the "executive chef" position, but there's no way in...hell). So here we have the final six, from left to right starting at the top:

Christina, 25, culinary student
Corey, 25, private chef
Jen, 24, line cook
Bobby, 37, executive chef
Matt, 35, sous chef
Petrozza, 47, catering director
From what we have watched, none of these people look qualified to work in a Michelin-starred chef's kitchen whether the LA outpost is Michelin-star worthy or not. Any time they've had to come up with their own recipes, it's pure disaster; Ramsay's permanent HK menu doesn't seem to fare much better. One early critic of the WeHo restaurant asked staff about the Hell's Kitchen winner and was told "he hasn't started yet," probably because the show is still on the air. So if you're into HK spoilers, it's probably one of the guys. The men seem like the stronger contestants---barely. The real shame will be when the winner is announced, he/she will get outlandish exposure that should be directed to the real chefs working in the kitchen, including Andrew Cook, who oversees the day-to-day, and Josh Emett, who oversees GR here and in New York. Wonder if there's a follow-up episode planned to showcase the winner peeling carrots.
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