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Plywood Report: Crudo, Animal, Rush Street, Gyenari

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Some Plywood updates for what's shaping up to be a busy June and July.

FAIRFAX: The Food Dudes—Carmelized Productions' caterers Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo—are putting the finishing touches on their first restaurant Animal, set to debut mid-June. [POST-PLYWOOD]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: A tipster sent a drive-by snap of Crudo Bar & Ristorante, Antonio Alessi's new Italian spot in Norman Van Aken's former restaurant on the Sunset Strip. Per the email, there's a lot of activity and looks close. Mid-June being tossed around as the opening date. [POST-PLYWOOD]

CULVER CITY: Oh, Rush Street, why do you tease so? The plywood is finally down from the resto/bar façade, windows are in and it's looking spiffy from the outside. Inside: "lots of poured concrete, exposed brick, beautiful." Debut is now slated for July. Previously. [POST-PLYWOOD]

CULVERY CITY: Next to Rush Street is Gyenari, which also seems to be moving along from the last time someone queried about it. The signage out front says "now hiring," and reps say it will probably open sometime in July. More details: "Upscale Korean BBQ cuisine with California influences, focusing on high-quality meat, vegetarian and vegan selections and organic produce, available for lunch and dinner seven days a week. Gyenari’s décor will be modern and minimalist with indoor and outdoor spaces and private dining rooms." [PLYWOOD]

CULVER CITY: And two more doors down the block, Chipotle has a huge barrier and signage loudly announcing that it's coming soon. We hear mid-July, and wonder if they'll give our free burritos like they do at other openings. More previously. [PLYWOOD]