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Week in Reviews

Like Miss Irene in the LAT, Brad Johnson gets nostalgic for steakhouses in the June issue of Angeleno and compares Tourondel's BLT to the Pacific Dining Car downtown: "It turns out that a lot of things have changed over the years. Despite the PDC’s charming atmosphere, potentially great steaks and delicious burger, this old steakhouse just hasn’t kept up with the BLTs of the world. These two restaurants live in different universes—one driven by quality, the other by nostalgia. I honestly didn’t expect a restaurant with eight versions of itself to be the best steakhouse in L.A., but that’s potentially what BLT is destined to become. The one thing that hasn’t changed? Steakhouses are still staggeringly expensive—but when done right, worth every penny." [Angeleno (PDF file)]

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