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Plywood Anatomy: Michael Mina and SBE's XIV

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This is definitely a much better look for the corner of Sunset and Crescent Heights, which will soon be the new Michael Mina/SBE restaurant XIV, but the trompe l'oeil doesn't stand a chance of surviving untouched on the Strip. It's a bit much, but we get the tie-in---Philippe Starck's latest for SBE was S Bar, for which the flacks wildly touted his use Versailles images as wall covering, and he's also desiging XIV. We're fond of the anti-Bush sentiment (Nazarian must be, too, considering he hosted both Clinton and Obama at SBE venues during the primaries), but let's consider all that new black-and-white signage: What strings did Mina have to pull to get top billing over SBE? Impressive. Expect XIV to debut sometime this fall.
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