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Just Another Sunday at Whiskey Blueewwwwww

Yes, that is what it looks like it is. A reader went to Whiskey Blue at the W Hotel in Westwood last night and found two sole diners at Ninethirty and one drinker at the bar, and still the service was lackluster. To paraphrase: While waiting on the bar patio for a friend, no one approached her and another friend to see if they wanted to drink or eat. After 30 minutes, and when the third person arrived, they went inside to order and take the drinks back to their table because the bartender and server were busy chatting. OK, business is slow and slow nights beget lazy servers. We get that. But about this menu: "After I got back from the bathroom, I noticed this menu with the bird crap on the table to my left. The busser, who showed up once, empties my ashtray on that table, looked at the menu with the bird crap and left it." Now that's quality service right there.