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Week in Reviews: Akasha

LA Magazine's Patric Kuh heads to Akasha Richmond's Culver City spot to see what this new "green" is all about and finds hits and misses: "The clubby setting, devoid of the self-righteous abstemiousness such places are capable of, demonstrates the extent to which this kind of food can evolve, and one can only hope that its ecological seriousness will inspire other restaurants to follow its lead. But Akasha’s idealism and clear vision shouldn’t constitute some kind of cover. The uneven nature of both its food and its service proves that it has plenty to learn from restaurants that don’t have the benefit of a high concept, that are judged every day on attentiveness, speed, consistency, and professional snap." [LA Mag]


9543 Culver Boulevard, , CA 90232 (310) 845-1700 Visit Website