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EaerWire: Panini Café Explosion, Salute Wine Bar, VenoKado Wine Shop Coming

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Putting finishing touches on Panini Cafe Downtown, from Angelenic

DOWNTOWN/MID-CITY: The folks behind the Middle Easter/Mediterranean Panini Cafe (currently in Bev Hills) are about to debut another oupost Downtown in the Skyline Condominiums at the corner of 9th and Hope (reps tell us next week, workers tell Angelenic a few weeks). But there are others on the horizon: Another one will open in Orange County (Alisio Viejo) in September, then one in Brentwod (not sure what location yet), and then by the end of the year, the one taking over Splash on Third and Crescent Heights should debut. It will take about that long to destankify that place. [EaterWire]

SANTA MONICA: Confirmed: Yose is definitely shuttered. Coming in: Another new wine bar called Salute. [EaterWire]

WEHO: Speaking of wine bars, Susan Brink, the wine director for Dominick's and Little Dom's, will open VenoKado, a wine and gift shop, on the corner of Fountain and Spaulding "in a few weeks." She already has a mail-order gift business, Maxine Gifts, so VK will be like that but with bonus wineage. [EaterWire]