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The Dish: La Botte Deli, Royal/T Cafe

More openings this week, courtesy The Dish. See something debut and want to get the word out? The tip line is always open.

SANTA MONICA: Anisette wasn't the only SMB opening this week. Stefano De Lorenzo, owner of La Botte Ristorante, debuts the adjacent La Botte Deli for weekday lunch on Thursday. Designed for dine-in or take-out, the menu will change seasonally and utilize the finds from the nearby farmers' market: baby broccoli soup; watercress salad with balsamic dressing and shaved parmesan; burrata and prosciutto, grilled chicken and frisee, and veggie paninis; homemade lasagna, gnocchi or tortelli filled with potatoes, figs parmesan in brown butter. De Lorenzo is working on a pizza place next---Corso Italia Pizza will open in a few months. (620 Santa Monica Blvd, 310.576.3072)

CULVER CITY: Inspired by quirky Japanese maid cafes, the café portion of Royal/T art and retail space debuted this week. The menu isn't large, focusing on simple salads, rice bowls sandwiches and high tea. Yes, the servers wear maid outfits for all you maid fetishists out there. (8910 Washington Blvd, 310.559.6300)