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He'll Call You a Donkey: Hell's Kitchen Game Released

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FOX promised a Hell's Kitchen video game way back in April, right before this season's premiere, and it's finally arrived. Download to play for free, but FOX isn't stupid: Those willing to fork up $19.99 can get the "uncensored" version with "language not suitable for all audiences," otherwise the free version has just as many words bleeped out as on the show. At least to hear Gordo call you a "fucking donkey" will only cost a few bucks and not your dignity, like the HK contestants who've been ridiculed and shamed in front of millions. The gist of the game is to "conquer" 35 recipes while a 3D Ramsay puts on his act. The winner does not get to work at Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood, but can work up from "a single star to a prestigious five star establishment." At least this time-suck is limited: It's only available until the season finale, but we can't figure out when that is exactly.
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