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Eater Inside: Anisette Brasserie

Our efforts to actually try the new breakfast menu at Anisette were foiled by traffic, however we did get a chance to look around the new brasserie from chef Alain Giraud and Falcon/Pearl/Voda owners Mike Garrett and Tommy Stoilkovich. Oh, she's a stunner. Authentic without seeming contrived, classic, beautiful. Super tall ceilings, a huge bar, lots of table seating and a few intimate nooks; upstairs tables scattered around the open kitchen and bakery---almost like a chef's table, but with full-on views of the bustling room below. Smart to start with breakfast, gives the staff a chance to catch up; lunch mock service today and tomorrow, and we may see it added this week. We don't have a menu in hand (still), but expect omelets with wild arugula and goat cheese feta, eggs Benedict, Belgian waffles, crepes, and Breadbar croissants and breads for breakfast; croque monsieur, raw bar, onion soup, steak frites and the like at lunch, all a la Giraud. Price point: It's definitely not Denny's (breakfast entrees hover around $10-$13). Previous Antisette coverage here.