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EaterWire: Fulfilled Imagawayaki Update

BEVERLY HILLS: We have more details about Fulfilled, the imagawayaki shop opening a stone's throw from sugar-houses Crumbs and Sprinkles. First, the space will be designed by Milan Lojdl who also did nearby Coupa Café, Fritelli's and Wolfgang's Steakhouse, so the uninitiated won't be frightened. As for the little filled pancake-like treats, owner Susumu Tsuchihashi will offer traditional red bean paste but also sweet and savory flavors with cute names like Harajuku Monkey (banana and Nutella) and the Sumo Italiano (Prosciutto di Parma, Aged Parmesan and Fresh Basil). For those who thought the price might match the BH locale, they'll only be $1.75-$2.75 apiece. And a new trend is born. [EaterWire Inbox]