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Celebs, Chefs Fete Gordon Ramsay at the London

Last night celebrities like Eric McCormack, David Beckham, faux-celebs like one of the Kardashian sisters, plus chefs Ben Ford and Mark Peel feted the TV and Michelin-starred chef at his new hotel restaurant. Must have been a doozy---a StarWatch text arrived around 9:45pm that Ramsay and Beckham were spotted at Cut. (Just look at the party bites; we'd need a steak, too.)While perusing the party pics above, note the one of Gordo and all of his chefs sans anyone from Hell's Kitchen (probably starts after the July 8 finale), and then gnaw on this: According to the AP, that HK winner will be offered a sous-chef position (GR once again called it an "executive chef position" on this week's ep) with a $250,000 salary. Wait, salary or one-time winnings from the show? Either way, that won't cause any resentment on the line now will it.
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