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EaterWire: Library Bar Adding Food, Christophe Eme TV Rumor, French Chef Picnic, JBF Live Feed

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DOWNTOWN: The Library Bar, a cozy watering hole for beer lovers, business folk and late-night Downtownizens will have a kitchen and small bar menu soon. Construction started this week with hopes to finish in a few months. [Angelenic]

MID-CITY: There's a rumor floating around that Ortolan's Christophe Eme is looking for a TV gig. Yes, he's handsome enough, and sure, he can get some pointers from wife, actress and restaurant partner Jeri Ryan, but the heavy French accent might be too much to bear on the small screen. Pot throwing, however, might make for good TV? [Grubtrotters]

GRIFFITH PARK: The Francophiles all congregate at the Crystal Springs Picnic Area this Sunday (6/8) for the annual Club Culinaire Picnic des Chefs. Chefs from all over SoCal participate in this one, including locals like Josiah Citrin (Melisse), Conny Andersson (AK), Jean-Francois Meteigner (La Cachette), Akira Hirose (Maison Akira), Jose LeBalch (Josie) and Florent Marneau (OC's Marche Moderne) to name a few. Apertifs start at 11:30am followed by lunch, there's plenty of wine, petanque, French music, bouncy things for the kiddies. $50 for adults, tickets in advance only. [EaterWire]

JAMES BEARD: Suzanne Goin, Wolfgang Puck, Nancy Silverton, Matt Molina and Mark Peel are just a few of the locals up for the big awards at Sunday night's James Beard Awards extravaganza (complete nominees here). If you can't wait for the coverage from all the blogs on Monday and/or don't have the coin for a flight to NYC, Devour TV will be streaming it live. [Devour TV via Eater]

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