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Colicchio's Club

In an obviously choreographed scenario, Joel Stein follows Tom Colicchio and a happy band of local chefs to visit some LA bars and restaurants in July's Food & Wine. Why choreographed? For one, cohorts include Colicchio's Craft executive chef Damon Wise and his local chef de cuisine Matt Accarrino, plus Sang Yoon and Jon Shook (co-chef of Animal and catering company Carmelized Productions), who happen to share Colicchio's CAA agent. Second, we can't see Colicchio saying, "Hey, let's all meet at Bond St," a New York import (like him), or places the group obviously didn't like (S Bar). After the trendy spots you're most likely to never see these guys in again, the ego-train hits up Bar Lubitsch to mix their own cocktails, El Carmen for tequila, and then eschews Jumbo's Clown Room for late-night food at Ruen Pair. The chefs-as-rock-stars is a little too forced in this one, but oh, those crazy kids. [F&W]

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