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EaterWire: Hungry Cat Crabfest, Crumbs' Count, Coral Tree's New Froyo

HOLLYWOOD: The Hungry Cat's annual Crabfest is June 22, but people, stop calling for reservations. The entire day is completely booked, and there's apparently a very, very long wait list (upwards of 200 people or so). We will, however, eat crab cakes, Maryland crab soup and at least a dozen Old Bay-caked steamed blue crabs with you in mind. (Photo) [EaterWire]

LARCHMONT: We hear from the Crumbs folks, who gave out free cupcakes at their newest location all day Friday: "Not sure if you post follow-ups, but in the end, we gave away 2350 cupcakes and were cleaned out by 9:15! Crazy turnout." Indeed. And now it's back to paying $5 for the sweet treats. [EaterWire Inbox]

FROYO WARS: The people behind Coral Tree Cafe decided to jump into the wide-open frozen yogurt market with Purenaked Yogurt, which they tout as "the healthiest frozen yogurt" because it doesn't have as many ingredients as "rivals" Pinkberry (which has 23) or Red Mango (17). Oddly, we're not told how many ingredients Purenaked has, just that it's made out of "clean and simple Altadena yogurt." It's available at all three Coral Tree Cafe locations. [EaterWire Inbox]

Hungry Cat

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