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The Dish: Isla Cantina, Chado Tea Room Open

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Now we know why it took so long for Isla Cantina to open on the corner of Holloway Drive and Sunset: There's a retractable roof (imagine the permits!) and tequila-based drinks (only had beer and wine license when it was Tangerine). The website and UrbanDaddy say it opens tomorrow, and our tipster who works nearby wonders if the signage is already a bit too desperate: "Not that anyone had high hopes for Isla, but they're already sucking with a big cheap Grand Opening sign. I guess they're smart to appeal to the tourists right off the bat." Would anyone know it was there otherwise? (8788 W. Sunset Blvd, 310.657.8100)

LITTLE TOKYO: According to Angelenic, the Japanese American National Museum held a special grand opening ceremony for Chado Tea Room, which debuted in the Terasaki Garden Cafe this weekend. Like the 3rd Street and Old Town Pasadena locations, Chado offers almost 300 different varieties of teas from more than 10 different countries. (369 E 1st St, 213.258.2581)