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Hell's Kitchen, The Game

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We didn't have time to test the new Hell's Kitchen video game featuring Gordon Ramsay, but someone at Serious Eats did and found it at least not unbearable: "If you mess up badly (or also at other times when I was doing OK), he’ll say things like, 'You donkey' and 'Move your ass' and 'Oh, fuck me senseless.' But he'll also compliment you when you're doing well, which sometimes comes off a bit weird. Like when you finish a day satisfactorily, one thing he'll say is 'I am a proud man' and smile a little. There's a limited set of phrases, so after a while, what he does say gets a little annoying...It's not a horrible game. The challenge is there, but it fails to be compelling." Hmm...kind of like the show? [ELA/SE]

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