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EaterWire: Corso Italia, Rendered; Josie Barbecues

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SANTA MONICA: This here rendering is of La Botte sibling Corso Italia Pizza, which is currently under construction in..well, we don't know what that building is exactly. But it looks residential, and a pizza place right in front can't be all bad. Owner Stefano De Lorenzo will have his own little Italian empire right there on Broadway with La Botte and the new La Botte Deli just a block away. Corso Italia is still a few months out. [EaterWire]

SANTA MONICA: On the other side of town, Josie begins the Thursday night summer barbecues on July 10. There might be barbecued quail, grilled kangaroo ribs, babybacks with apricot barbecue sauce, maybe a clambake, and of course all the appropriate sides and desserts. The prix fixe menu changes weekly and reservations are recommended. [EaterWire]