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The Dish: Loteria Grill Hollywood, A Round Lunch Culver City, Hugo's Tacos Pasadena

Welcome back to The Dish, our chance to bring some of the latest restaurant and bar openings your way. See somethng debut? Drop us a note in the tip jar.

HOLLYWOOD: Jimmy Shaw opened his second Loteria Grill outpost today. Consider this Loteria 2.0: Bigger, bolder, with bonus alcohol. There's plenty of table seating (with servers!) and two huge counters that span the bar and open kitchen; doors open for sidewalk seating (bordered by Perry Como and Jimmy Hendrix stars, no less). The menu is just about the same as the original---napolitos, cochinita pibil, chicken in pumpkin seed sauce, sopas, mole enchiladas---with some entree additions, and breakfast is served all day. Loteria opens daily at 9am and serves until midnight during the week and until 3am Thu-Sat. (6627 Hollywood Blvd, 323.465.2500)

CULVER CITY(ISH): A friend found herself at the pre-debut of A Round Lunch, a new lunch-only sandwich, soup and salad spot that just opened today. As the name suggests, things are round here, from the barbecue braised brisket on brioche bun to the roasted veggie and goat cheese on ciabatta roll. Owner is Jeffrey Stuppler who's had the Bergamot Cafe for the last 14 years; he calls this the greatest hits of Bergamot. From the website: "Sandwiches are 4" in diameter, so not quite a full sandwich. Our salads are half size. Our soups are 8 ounces. We offer you smaller portions in hopes you will at least get a couple of items to punctuate some variety into your day." Open Mon-Fri. (8940 National Blvd, 310.558.9898)

PASADENA: Do you ever get stuck in a route rut where you never pass by certain corners that are near your home or office, even just a few blocks away? Yeah, apparently that happened to us. This Hugo's Tacos---not sure it's same as the other Hugo's as it's not on the website---opened sometime in April or May, took over a boxing gym (which took over a failed café) on the corner of Villa and Lake, right across from The Hat. It's cheap, fast and better than whatever replaced the Taco Bell up the street (and the former Taco Bell, for that matter). (490 N Lake Ave)