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And the Name of New Starbucks Drink Is?

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From a tipster who "knows people," we have the Italian-inspired "secret drink" from Starbucks and then some: "It's called a Sorbetto. There is a red berry one and a yogurt-based one. They have it at a Starbucks on Anaheim Blvd and Lincoln in Anaheim. They are delicious. It's about two blocks north of Cafe Contigo. Starbucks also had a regional managenent luncheon for 500 managers at Disneys Grand Californian Hotel to launch the new drinks." Schultzie, is that you? Drink machines have also been spotted at a Burbank location. Since the new sure-to-be-overhyped product is launching in SoCal, let us know if you spot it anywhere else. [EaterWire]