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EaterWire: Lime Cafe "Offline," La Luna Negra Maybe Closing in Pasadena, Concern Foundation Block Party

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DOWNTOWN: Lime Cafe didn't open too long ago, but it apparently wasn't prepared for the criticism the Downtownizens were ready to bring. The owners took the cafe "offline" to retool the menu, add some items, including vegetarian dishes. (Side thought: Is downtown veggie-central or something? Every place seems to get the same criticism. Equally odd, the restaurants automatically placate.) Owner Michael Franz tells Angelenic: "We are not trying to be totally authentic Mexican food, as there are probably a dozen of those within a mile of us. However, we need to execute our version better." The cafe reopens on July 17. [Angelenic]

PASADENA: This is one we'll follow up on to confirm, but the tip just came in: "La Luna Negra is closing in August. Lease issues." This is the tapas and Flamenco dancing restaurant on Green Street, open for several years. [EaterWire Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: The 34th annual Concern Foundation Block Party takes place on the Paramount Lot this weekend. Why we like this one: There's fake gambling---blackjack and more. Why it will be entertaining this year: In addition to food from restaurants like Three on Fourth, Jian Korean BBQ, Chaya Brasserie, All' Angelo, Bar Hayama, Vibrato, Il Moro, Pinks and more, there will be a live performance from Beatlemania. It's a pricey one ($350 per ticket) but a good cause: Net proceeds go to help support worldwide cancer research. (6pm; 5555 Melrose Ave, Hollywood; 323.852.9844 to purchase tickets) [EaterWire]