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The Dish: The Kress Opens

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It's hosted a few celeb parties, including one for Paris Hilton (isn't she a nun by now?), so you get the idea of what The Kress is going for here. Then again, it is four stories, 38,000 square feet, with a nighclub, restaurant and several lounges, including one on the roof with cabanas and 360-degree views of Hollywood. What else could Mike Visco do with all that space? After months of delays, the restaurant and basement nightclub soft opened yesterday and the third-floor lounge and roof open on Friday, according to reps. Unfortunately, we get a company directory when we call the number, so it might be hit or miss if you want to check it out this week. An official public grand opening is slated to for July 21. All we know about the restaurant are what you see above and the exec chef is Troy Thompson who makes his way back to LA from Vegas (he was the chef of Jer-Ne at the Ritz in Marina del Rey for six years prior). The menu is "Asian-influenced" plus sushi, and we're yet to see a final version but hope it's considerably different from Geisha House across the street and Katsuya a few blocks away. A look at the basement nightclub can be found here, the rooftop lounge here, and a before and after shot here.