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'Buckswire: Closure in Santa Monica

We told you yesterday that Starbucks was beginning to announce which of the 600 stores will be closing this year. We wanted to know which local stores will shutter, and a Westside barista heeded the call: "I was informed by the Manager today that my regular store at 732 Montana (Lincoln & Montana) Santa Monica, will be closing in a month. The store is the former Deidricks Coffee location and has only been there a year. He also told me that this is the only store in West LA that will close. I know this makes you guys happy but I think it's sad. There are some great people serving at the stores, and Starbucks has always been good to our community." No one's happy that people are losing their jobs; that really sucks. Times are tough. But one less chain in the neighborhood? Maybe not so bad. If your Starbucks is on the list, let us know. [~ELA~]